Email Marketing x Account-Based Marketing: A combination for Sales Success

Supercharging B2B Lead Generation With Email Marketing x ABM

The Challenge

Sayteck, a newcomer to the medical equipment distribution landscape, faced the challenge of taking market share from already established players in the market.

The primary objective, with the full alignment with their sales team, of our cold emailing campaign was to expand Sayteck’s client base by targeting a cold audience—those who had not previously engaged with any of the brand’s digital touchpoints. We aimed to showcase Sayteck’s range of medical equipment and position it as a reliable partner for healthcare providers seeking high-quality and innovative solutions.

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    Our Approach

    Through this project, iegut demonstrates the transformative power of a well-executed cold emailing campaign. By leveraging our lead generation efforts combined with strategic segmentation, personalized content, A/B testing, and continuous analysis of metrics, we successfully penetrated a cold audience.

    The Results

    The cold emailing campaign exceeded our expectations, resulting in 25 new business accounts signed within the first month. Key outcomes included:

    • A 20% increase in open rates compared to industry benchmarks.
    • A 15% click-through rate, indicating a high level of engagement with our content.
    • A conversion rate of 8%, showcasing the campaign’s effectiveness in turning leads into actual clients.
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