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Rejuvenating an Email List - Avery Dental Co

The Challenge

Generating quality leads, through email marketing, with no online presence to reach more potential buyers who are looking to set up their dental practice or upgrade it.

iegut was brought on to leverage a 35.000 email list and generate more quality leads. iegut was also tasked with positioning the company as having one of the best customer service and tech support among its competitors.

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    Our Approach

    Create an email marketing strategy from scratch, going through the verification of the data, segmentation, and tailoring the messaging to each segment with a personalized offer. The comprehensive verification and subsequent segmentation of the dataset have enabled iegut to understand how to formulate different offerings to address the needs of each subset of potential buyers.

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    The Results

    Despite the lack of support from a strong online presence, iegut was able to drive quality new leads through email marketing to start the sales conversation and win new business:

    • 400% increase in leads per month
    • 52 new business accounts signed on for long-term supplier relationship
    • Cut the sales process time by 35%
    • 45 fourth-year dental students signed on for dental practice turnkey solution

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