It is cheaper to retain customers that to get new ones

Nurturing Success - Customer Retention Strategies in B2B Dental Equipment Marketing

The Challenge

The primary objective was to develop and implement customer retention strategies for NS Dental. iegut aimed to create a holistic approach that would not only retain existing clients but also stimulate them to become advocates, resulting in increased referrals.

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    Our Approach

    Through this project, iegut focused on studying the customer profile for NS Dental to identify their desires from their suppliers. We put in place Value-Added Resources, Exclusive Training Sessions, Loyalty Programs, and Referral Incentives.

    The Results

    The Customer Retention Strategies campaign resulted in significant improvements for MedEquip Innovations:

    • 30% YoY Increase in Customer Retention; solidifying long-term relationships.
    • 15% Increase in Referrals; through the success in creating a positive client experience.
    • Recorded a 25% improvement in client satisfaction scores.

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