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Optimizing Success - A Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Journey in Medical Equipment Marketing

The Challenge

The primary goal of the CRO campaign was to increase the conversion rate of website visitors for GCM, a major medical equipment distributor. iegut aimed to refine the online user journey, streamline the conversion funnel, and ultimately boost lead generation and client acquisition.

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    Our Approach

    This project centered around GCM’s existing platforms, we went through a comprehensive audit, a user-centric redesign, strategic content placement that serves up the type of information the user wants followed by an accompanying call to action, and a streamlined conversion funnel. 

    The Results

    The Conversion Rate Optimization campaign delivered impressive results, surpassing industry benchmarks:

    • Achieved a 25% increase in the cross-platform conversion rate within the first three months.
    • Saw a corresponding 20% increase in qualified leads generated through the website, demonstrating the direct impact of the optimized conversion funnel.
    • Recorded a 30% decrease in bounce rates, indicating improved engagement and retention of visitors exploring the website.

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