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Beyond the Leads

A Specilized Marketing Agency that understands your Challenges.

Are You Tired of low-quality leads, long sales calls, and taking expensive trips just for product demos that amount to the client saying I’ll think about it?

We get it. iegut not only brings you the right leads, but we lower your costs too. The longer you stay with us, the cheaper your lead generation will become.

Because at iegut, we look at adding value to your company in two ways: 

  1. We can either add value to your organization by increasing the good KPIs; How do we get you more revenue? 
  2. Or we can add value by decreasing the bad KPIs. How do we reduce costs, reduce overhead, reduce time to market, things like that?

Our Clients' Sales Success

Dental Chair Sale in AZ
Ultrasound Machine Sale in Nebraska
Cephalometric radiograph Sale in NY
Ultrasound Machine Sale in Nevada
Combo Sale: Miling Machine x Intraoral Scanner
Dental Chair Sale in Michigan

What Do The Next Steps Look Like?

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We meet to learn more about each other, give free advice, and see if we could be a fit for each other.


If strategy, goals, and budgets align we will meet again to review a proposal.


Set up your Strategy, and start bringing in “the good leads, the Glengarry Leads”.


All That You Need To Run A Seccessful Medical Equipment Company

Medical Equipment Advertising

Medical Equipment Lead Generation

Account-Based Marketing

Medical Equipment CRM

Web Design & Development

Healthcare Marketing Automation

Custom Tracking Dashboards

Medical Equipment


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